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2-Day Venice Itinerary

Venice, the iconic "Floating City," is famous for its romantic gondolas gliding through endless canals, rich historical architecture, and distinctive culture. Venice was truly unlike any other place we've visited. To help plan your visit, we've put together this perfect 2-day Venice itinerary with tips and recommendations from our first hand experience.

Canals of Venice, Italy

How to Get to Venice

Venice is conveniently accessible by train or bus from Florence. Once you arrive at the Venice Santa Lucia train station, you'll find yourself in the heart of the city. From there, you can reach your accommodations via water taxi, water bus, or gondola to get your accommodations.

Getting Around Venice

Just navigating Venice is an adventure in itself! We relied on the city's water bus transportation system, which efficiently navigates Venice's waterways. It's also easy to explore the narrow alleyways by foot.

Where to Stay in Venice

The JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa is a 5-star resort located on the private island of Isola delle Rose and only a few minutes away from St. Mark's Square. The hotel offers a private and complimentary water shuttle, spa, rooftop pool, cooking classes and more!

Novecento Boutique Hotel is a Venetian style boutique hotel located between St. Mark's Square and the Accademia Gallery. The hotel amenities include a daily breakfast, a beautiful courtyard, and lounge area with a bar, library, and games.

Photo Credit: Novecento Boutique Hotel via

Hotel Cipriani is a 5-star luxury hotel set inside a 15th-century palace on Giudecca Island. The hotel amenities include a private boat service, outdoor pool, spa, cooking classes, tennis courts, gardens, and much more!

Things to Do in Venice

Take a Gondola Ride

Explore the canals of Venice from a unique perspective with a romantic gondola ride. There are many options when walking around Venice, so wait to choose one that you like and find a friendly guide. While these rides can be a bit pricey, they're a must when visiting Venice.

Exploring the canals in Venice

Get Lost

One of our favorite ways to soak in Venice's charm was by wandering aimlessly. Exploring the endless alleyways that lead straight to the canal was so much fun. Immerse yourself in the unique landscape, discover local shops, and experience the ambiance of Venice at your own pace.